NYT fra Hammer Bowling

Looking to the future, Hammer Bowling is releasing an all new line of balls for 2020. There has been much anticipation in the past few months to see what the latest Hammer gear would be. And we don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

What are the latest bowling balls from Hammer?

There are three new bowling balls from Hammer out today. The first is the upper mid-performance Fugitive Pearl. Then we have two high-performance balls, the Redemption Pearl and the Redemption Solid.

Hammer Fugitive Pearl

Let’s start with the Fugitive Pearl. When the lanes have broken down this is going to be your new go-to ball. The combo of the Juiced Pearl coverstock and the Fugitive symmetric, low RG and high differential core gives this ball a strong skid-flip reaction you need when the oil isn’t your friend anymore. This ball should be in your bag a long time as Hammer has added carbon fiber to the inner core to make it last. They’re so confident in its toughness they’ll give you a two year warranty! Scroll down to see a list of the Fugitive Pearl’s features.

Hammer Redemption Pearl

Next we move on to the big boys with the new high-performance offerings from Hammer. The first in the new Hammer Redemption Ball Line is the Redemption Pearl. Continuing the theme of toughness, Hammer has added carbon fiber to the outer core for strength and durability. The Redemption Pearl gives you exactly what you’d expect from a high-performance ball from this well-loved brand. It goes long and finishes strong. It moves through the heads easily and has an angular backend reaction. It compares favorably to the Storm AstroPhysiX, Roto Grip Halo Pearl, Motiv Trident Nemesis or the old Hammer Rip’d Pearl. You’ll be mopping up the competition with this ball in no time!

Hammer Redemption Solid

And last but certainly not least let’s touch on the new Redemption Solid. The look of this ball is striking as the bold black, orange and white color combo really stands out on the lane. But even bolder is the motion on the new Solid. You’re gonna need plenty of oil, but on the right lane conditions the Redemption Solid will hook like CRAAAAAZZZZYYYYY! Both Redemption balls use DOT, which is a really nice feature as it makes drilling anywhere on the ball easier. Again, on heavy-oil patterns this easily outhooks the competition and has extremely aggressive motion. You won’t be sorry picking up either ball in the new Redemption line. To get a better feel for how these roll check out the video for the Redemption line below.